Jasmin Fields Litter Pick

Join the Rangers and friends for a community litter pick on 20th February at 10.30.   Meet at Bayston Road and wear suitable outdoor clothing. 

Come and make new friends and tidy the environment at the same time!

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4 Responses to Jasmin Fields Litter Pick

  1. Len Gill says:

    My Name is Mr Len Gill and I live at 66 Bayston Road.
    I am writing to inform you that opposite Kinsey Grove, in the scrub land there is a medium sized blue tent erected. Basically in the last two weeks I have heard of three house break ins in very close proximity. Not saying the occupants of this tent have anything to do with it, but it does seem too much of a coincidence to ignore it.

    Regards Mr Len Gill

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      Hi Len. Sorry, this got caught in our spam filters. If it’s still there or you see something similar in future please contact the Police on 101. Many thanks for caring!

  2. Len Gill says:

    When is the next litter pick at Jasmine Fields due?

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