Are you searching for a grave?

If you are one of the many people searching for a grave within Brandwood End Cemetery you can normally contact Bereavement Services at Kings Norton (who hold the records) and get a more or less instant reply.

There is a minimum of 24 hour delay at the present as all the Brandwood End records of burials since the 1800’s are away from the site being ‘digitised’. This will vastly improve the service in future but means that there is a 24 hour delay in the short term- possibly till the end of May.

If you need information you need to contact Bereavement Services at least 24 hours in advance and make a request. Unfortunately this will make it difficult for anyone just turning up at the cemetery and ringing for an instant answer but this delay is unavoidable if records are to be made more accessible.

Tel: 0121 303 5583
Fax: 0121 459 8284




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4 Responses to Are you searching for a grave?

  1. andre hill says:

    I am trying to locate my mothers grave I was nine when she was buried there mother name is Maureen hill died 1964 so burial would have been april/may time thank you

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Any requests for information relating to graves in Brandwood End need to be directed to Bereavement Services at Kings Norton Cemetery.0121 303 5583. Please note that Brandwood End is the only municipal cemetery but there are several church cemeteries. Hope this helps.

  2. Nessie Richardson says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Can you please let me know the burial plot number for my grandmother who was buried at Brandwood Cemetery in February 1929. Her name was Annie Turner aged 50. Kind regards
    Nessie Richardson nee Turner

    • Jane Edwards says:

      I am afraid you will need to contact Bereavement Services at Kings Norton Cemetery where the records are kept. As a Friends Group we do not have access to this information. 0121 303 5583

      Hope this helps.

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