Tree work underway.

It is good to see that trees are being kept in good order by a reputable Tree Surgeon!  Can I remind you that you may be seeing quite a lot of tree work in Brandwood End over the Winter. This is good for the public, for obvious safety reasons, but also good for the trees as they need a ‘haircut’ now and then, just like we do .20161222_111741


If you look carefully you can just see them at work, on the right in the tree in orange high viz!


Just a reminder that if you ever need work done on your own trees try and use a reputable company as an enthusiastic amateur can cause damage to the tree (and your view) that may take years to correct.





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  1. Anne Courbet says:

    Delighted to receive post regarding this year’s achievements. Well done everyone involved.

    Best wishes for Christmas and another successful and fulfilling new year to the Committee and members.

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