Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee was first elected at the inaugural public meeting on July 21, 2005. This year represents our 10th Anniversary, an achievement in itself, for a Friends Group.

The current Executive Committee members are listed below:-


Chairman/Secretary: Jane Edwards

Vice Chairman: Coral Howard

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Julian Pritchard

Newsletter Editor: Coral Howard

Webmaster: Sarah Courbet

Committee Members: Philip Brown; Adrian Harris; Carola Klein; Brian Rai;

Member Organisation: John Wallace – Friends of Brandwood End Pool

Nicola Clarke- Quadron Services Ltd


Professor Carl Chinn, MBE, PhD

Professor John Hunter, OBE, PhD, FSA, FSA (Scotland)

Dr. Julian Litten, PhD, FSA, FSA (Scotland)

Alistair McGowan

Elizabeth Perkins

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