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We would be happy to hear from you and help you out where we can, but please be aware that we are a voluntary organisation and cannot be available 24/7 but we will endeavour to respond to your query within 72 hours

General Enquiries:

To make an enquiry about the Cemetery itself, or to find a grave, you may want to go direct to the Cemetery staff.

The offices are now located at:  Brandwood End Cemetery, c/o Kings Norton Cemetery, Longdales Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham. B38 9BU

Tel: 0121 303 5583


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  1. Mrs Dawn E Askins says:

    I am in the process of trying to help my 73 year old Father find his father who is buried at your cemetery.
    Unfortunately my Father was only 11years old at the time of his fathers death and his knowledge about his father is very limited.
    We know that he served in the RAF from around 1939 until 1946, and served in Palestine.
    My father wants to know his service records and we are in the process of trying to organise this, but we need a death certificate and unfortunately my Father doesn’t know his Fathers date of birth. If you can help me with this enquiry then that we help me grately.
    My Grandfathers name was:
    Mr Harold James Brooks.
    He Died on or around the 5th November 1948 and I believe was buried on or around the 11th November 1948.
    Sadly he has an unmarked grave as funds etc were very limited.
    Any information from you would be gratefully received.
    Kind thanks.
    Mrs Dawn Askins and Mr Roy Brooks.

  2. Sarah Courbet says:

    Hello, and thank you for your enquiry. Normally I would refer you to the Bereavements Department of Birmingham City Council (the Cemetery owners) but because he was in the Forces we may be able to help. One of our committee members ‘specialises’ in the war graves so he may be able to help out. I will ask him and come back to you. Sarah, on behalf of FBEC

  3. Brian M Rai says:

    Relating to headstones, it seems to me that some of the ‘morbidness’, surrounding cemeteries, is slowly but surely fading. After all, most of us now don’t think twice of people strolling through Brandwood or stopping to read headstones. If headstones were laid flat or maybe even reduced in height to make them more ‘stable’, people may think twice before stopping to look or read and maybe this would take things a step or two backwards?!. In terms of responsibility, there seems to be a number of factors: the laying of the foundation for the stone; the words on the stone and the question of fading; the stone itself and the question of quality/longevity. The problem is that the foundations govern movement related to the stone and in turn the ground itself governs movement of the foundations. So who will accept responsibility for movement? Then there are two stages; the stones already laid and those to be laid. We heard on Thursday, at the FBEC AGM, how rules and regulations are currently governing the laying of future stones and how there are professionals ‘out there’ with a great deal of empathy for trying to solve the issues with stones already laid. The good thing is that the major issues are being addressed.

  4. annie o'keeffe says:

    i have two graves that i attend to every week one in the middle of the cemetry the other at the bottom and both are getting robbed statues flowers cards everything i want to know how do i go about getting cctv in the cemetry as it’s not good enough kingsnorton is secure and looks lovely just because brandwood is a old cemetry the council need to sort something out instead of wanting more money off people saying the headstones are not safe have they looked at the buildings and roads in there rant over

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      Hi Annie. I am sorry to hear that your grave has been interfered with. Having taken part in several litter picks I do wonder if the wind could be the culprit? It really does blow a gale around the Cemetery and we find flowers, ribbons, cards, pots in hedges and also blown right away from the graves. We do our best to locate the grave the items are from but if we can’t they do go into the bin to keep the Cemetery tidy I’m afraid.

      If you don’t think it could be the wind you really need to contact Birmingham City Council, the owners of Brandwood Cemetery, about the missing items and you can find their details here. We would really appreciate your support in gaining CCTV coverage for the Cemetery. The Friends do what they can to keep the Cemetery tidy and welcoming – activities such as litter picks, memorial garden restoration and remembrance sunday services but we are all volunteers and our time and funds are limited. If you could find it in you to support our efforts you can join the Friends here.

      Thank you for getting in touch Annie. Let us know and keep us in touch with any progress or thoughts.

  5. Mary says:

    Good Evening, I am coming to visit my Fathers grave at Brandwood End Cemetery in a couple of weeks time and was wondering if there are any B&B are hotels near by..I am travelling from Ireland and will need somewhere to stay, If you have any information I would be much obliged. Many Thanks Mary

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      Hi Mary. I really don’t know of anywhere to recommend nearby, sorry. I would google hotels or bed & breakfast in these surrounding areas: Kings Heath, Moseley, Acocks Green, Billesley. Sorry I couldn’t help more! I hope you have a safe trip

  6. Paul Cresswell says:

    If you still need people to help out at the cemetery, let me know, I only live round the corner so can get there easily. I did email you about this a few days ago, but I`ve had no reply.

  7. Sarah Courbet says:

    That’s fabulous, thanks Paul. If you subscribe to the website via email you automatically get sent the update. I will be posting dates of our litter picks onto our website very soon. And I am looking to set up a database of volunteers… Sorry for not responding to your email. We are all volunteers and I only check our email once a week. Thank you so much for the offer which we will take you up on 🙂

  8. Paul Cresswell says:

    Hi, I have recently been going around B.E.C. and have been taking a few pictures, I have posted them on Flickr, and it would be great to see them,(not all of them!), on FoBEC. I`m after my five minutes of fame !!!!!cresser.

  9. Paul Cresswell says:

    On my family tree, I have a person who was buried at B.E. on 21/4/1932. I also have details of where he was buried – I don`t recall where I got these though – and they are; Section B14 (d), Grave No 3816. Now, I have a plan of the cemetery, but it does not show a section with that number, the nearest being B14 C.E.
    Would anyone know where this section is? Thankyou.

  10. Paul Cresswell says:

    Sorry, I meant to say this also, the grave is also apparently, `Private`. Cheers.

  11. Hiya Paul. Your photos should be automatically uploaded to our website via our Flickr feed. Check it out online and let me know if not.

    I was in the Cemetery yesterday but I’m not sure where that Section is to be honest, especially if it’s not on the plan.

    Let me ask my mom (our Chairwoman) and see if she knows.


  12. Paul. CE stands for Church of England. It must be in Section 14 somewhere.. Have you had chance to have a look? The only other way is to ask Bereavements but I am not sure what level they go down to in terms of pinpointing the grave (ie. any further than the Section). I’ll come and help you search if you let me know a weekend you will be there and I’m available.

  13. Hi I was recently going though some documents left by my dad, and i have found out his dad Arthur Albert Sheppey was buried in a family grave at brandwood. Grave number 539 c1 chapel private. in Oct 1932 and would like to pay a visit. can anyone help with where to look to find it and how do i go about it

    Thanks Lee

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hi Lee,
      When you enter the Cemetery from the Woodthorpe Rd entance you will see a Lodge on the right. Outside the lodge you will find a perspex holder containing maps of the cemetery. Using that map make your way to C1 and then I am afraid that its a case of trying to spot grave numbers on the front edge of grave surroundings usually….and counting back/forward to the correct one. It may have a number on it….it may not. Shouldnt take you too long and is a pleasure if you pick a sunny day!. Hope this helps.

  14. sharonbennett says:

    Told on tour today that there is a grave walk on Sept.13 so why does the website not have details of it?In fact,it says there are NO events coming up!!

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hi Sandra. Unfortunately I only have one pair of hands but this will be rectified. This is on our home page but as yet not on the event page. We are always looking for extra volunteers in all the many local groups I am involved in. Maybe we could rope you in!!

  15. Marie OBrien says:

    I would like to visit the grave of seamus white . He died december 1985. How can i find
    his grave.

    • Jane Edwards says:

      You will need to contact Bereavement Services at Kings Norton who keep the records. Their details are on our web site or can be found on the Birmingham City Council Site. Good Luck.

  16. Christina jones says:

    Hi thank you for getting back to me about the tree , hopefully will be there on the 11th November and will keep a look out for litter picking meet up .christina

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Just for your info. Next litter pick is Sunday 6th December. 10-11.30am Meet at the Lodge. Pickers and bags provided!

  17. Amy says:

    I have recently located the grave of my great great grandma (it is unmarked, but easy to count along from the marked ones to find her exact location). Myself and my nan would very much like to put a small memorial where she rests, would I be able to place one there myself or would it be moved by ground keepers as it isn’t a very obvious grave?

    I look forward to hearing some advice.


  18. Jane Luxton says:

    Hi, would anyone know please if plot 899 B10 still exists please?

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