Month: June 2012

Local Scouts help with June litter pick

Local Scouts help out on Litter Pick in Brandwood End Cemetery

At the most recent litter pick in June Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery were delighted to have a group of local Scouts join in and by helping us out they will be able to gain their Community Badge.

We were out in force to clear up a considerable amount of litter and filled several bags full of rubbish.  With the rain and wind it is usually flower wrappings, old plant containers and artificial flowers that become scattered around the Cemetery.

It would be lovely if people used degradable items, like flowers, so the Cemetery grounds don’t become clogged up with non-degradable grave decorations.

What a year it has been in the life of the Friends

Alistair McGowan
Alistair McGowan becomes Patron of Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery

The Friends work tirelessly to improve the Cemetery and ensure that visitors feel that it is well cared for and loved.  We thought we would share a few of our achievements in recent months and they include:

The establishment, last year, of a two year Memorandum of Understanding and regular monthly meetings with Councillor Timothy Huxtable, Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment and Regeneration, Bereavement Services officers and FBEC, have resulted in a mutually and clearly defined way forward for Brandwood End Cemetery.  The twin Victorian Mortuary Chapels have long been derelict and partially destroyed by fire, but since FBEC’s inception various works have been instigated to ensure, if at all possible, the retention of this wonderful building.  We are seeking, in conjunction with Birmingham City Council, to submit an application for Heritage Lottery funding for the chapels and will, of course keep you informed by Newsletter.

  • The Superintendent’s Lodge, vacated after flooding, is also currently being refurbished with plans being considered for its use within the cemetery.  The improvements will include the provision of a garden and refurbishment of the existing toilet block.
  • We were delighted to welcome two new Patrons.  Elizabeth Perkins, Director, Birmingham Conservation Trust, and Alistair McGowan, actor, impressionist and comedian.
  • FBEC continue to be represented on the Committee of ‘New Vision’, a group formed to continue the community cohesion begun by the 106 group.
  • FBEC have a representative on Birmingham Heritage Forum and in 2012 we will again be included in their promotional information leaflets which are distributed to most city tourist venues.

To read the full article and see what a few dedicated people and their supporters can achieve: