Month: November 2012

Remembrance Day in Brandwood End

Councillor Barry Henley, on behalf of Birmingham City Council, joined Brian Rai of FBEC to lay wreaths at the Cross of Sacrifice in Brandwood End Cemetery. This year our Remembrance Sunday event actually fell on the 11th of November and our short ceremony took place at 11am to include a 2 minutes silence. They were joined by a number of members of the public and members of the Friends.

Can we draw your attention to over 300 poppy crosses placed in the grassland area near the Cross of Sacrifice which represent members of the Armed Forces who  lost their lives and are buried within Brandwood End Cemetery.




Lodge Garden

Friends of Brandwood End are working with Bereavements staff on plans to recreate a garden area adjacent to the Lodge on the main drive. The process will be a slow one due to time and money constraints but all parties are working towards making this an area where people will be able to sit and take some time out when visiting the cemetery. The design has been agreed and basic ground work and fencing has started. It is hoped the major work will be done during the spring and that the garden will be available for use in the summer of 2013.

Diamond Woodland Planting event

At 10.30am on Wednesday the 14th of November a planting event will take place in Brandwood End Cemetery to establish a small woodland area . Thirty Children from St Albans Primary School will be assisted by Cemetery staff, members of FBEC and helpers to plant 24 trees close to the main entrance gates. If you would like to help please come in suitable footwear and clothing. Spades will be available. There will also be a short opening ceremony as this area will be used for the burial of ashes in future. This will be attended by a representative of Birmingham City Council.

Oak Tree Pruning

Many of you who visit the Cemetery will have noticed, with horror, the severe pruning or pollarding of the Oak on the island in the main drive. Unfortunately this has been necessary as the oak has been weakened by fungus at the base and this has resulted in a number of the lower branches becoming dangerously rotten. This tree also had a very heavy canopy and it was feared that in wet and windy weather it could be in danger of falling. To try and give it a chance of recovery the leaf bearing branches have been removed thus reducing its wind resistance and it will be watched closely by the BCC Tree Officer over the coming months. It‘s not a foregone conclusion that this tree will survive but every effort will be made to retain it. There are a number of trees on site that have also had to be treated in a similar manner but FBEC are pleased that there is some appropriate tree husbandry now happening in Brandwood End and will encourage the replacement of any trees that have to be removed.