Month: February 2014

Remember how muddy and waterlogged our Cemeteries may be at the moment and come prepared!

Please can we remind you that most of the burial areas within Brandwood End and Kings Norton do not lie adjacent to pathways and due to the exceptional rainfall they are often very muddy and waterlogged. Suitable footwear when visiting graves is essential.

Bereavements, in this area, have been able to continue with burials but had to restrict the daily numbers as the instability of the waterlogged ground has meant the use of heavy machinery has had to be limited.

We understand that this is a very emotional time for families but can we please ask you to have some understanding of the difficulties and be mindful of the fact that many areas have totally suspended  their burial services due to ground instability.

FBEC thank you, on behalf of Bereavement Services, for your patience and understanding in these unusual conditions.

Jane Edwards (Chairman-Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery)

‘Spring Clean’ Litter Pick in Brandwood End Cemetery

Just a reminder to all those who support us and a appeal to anyone new who feels they can spare a couple of hours to help keep this cemetery litter free. We will be meeting at the Lodge on the main drive at 10am on Saturday March 1st. Suitable stout footwear, outer clothing and gloves are especially important following the recent heavy rainfall- but we will have plenty of litter pickers and bags!
Please note that in the event of high winds, heavy rain or snow this event will not take place as these weathelitter pick 003r conditions could raise safety issues.

A date for your diary! Tuesday March 18th.

 Many of the regular visitors to Brandwood End Cemetery are aware of the large number of Military Graves that lie within (Over 350).  Following Remembrance Sunday each year these graves are even more identifiable as the Friends place ‘Poppy Crosses’ on every grave. Most of these graves are scattered throughout the cemetery but what most people do not realise is that we have a small Military section.   The area surrounding this section has, over time, lost its defined boundary so with the help of funding from Veolia, the Friends will be planting a new boundary hedge of native hawthorn.

a_section_33_militaryAt 10.30am on the morning of Tuesday March 18th the Friends will be joined on site by The Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress, children from St Albans RC Primary School, and staff from Bereavements Services and Quadron  Services who will be working together to plant 350 hawthorn shrubs to redefine this boundary.

The Friends and Bereavements staff have met on site with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to agree the design and size of this hedge as their requirements are quite specific. Please come along, with your spade, if you would like to help.


Birmingham Mail reveal funding share to ‘Wish campaign’ members.

IMG_6571 (800x600)Birmingham Mail have today announced the portion of the £25,000 fund that has been allocated to each of the selected groups. Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery received over 4500 tokens, collected by their supporters and we have been awarded just over £103.00

Thanks again to all our supporters who collected the vouchers and sent them on to us. We are always looking for funding sources for small projects that we are undertaking within the Cemetery.  Follow our ‘blog’ to see what we are working on now.