Month: February 2015

Vistas opening up!

As mentioned in the article below, the clearance of ‘self set’ trees growing on, or close to graves has now started. If you are familiar with the cemetery you can see, from the photographs below, what a difference it will make.  Many graves that have been hidden for years have been exposed and the view across the section has now been opened up. This work will also mean that the tree lined avenues will now appear more defined.

20150208_143405 (800x600) 20150208_143440 (800x600)

If you look carefully in the photograph you will see the size of some of the felled trees that have obscured (piled to the right) both graves and views. None of the felled trees were part of the original planting.




This open view across the cemetery hasn’t been seen for many years.

Hopefully this will also mean that family members may be able to trace graves they thought were lost forever, and consider their restoration.

Trial Tree Work

Bereavement Services have arranged with the Tree Officer for the removal of some of the ‘self set’ trees that have grown to unacceptable heights on graves. Many of these trees have damaged  graves  but also they often prevent access to adjacent graves. It is hoped that their removal will open up the vistas across the cemetery and restore the original planting plans.  This tree removal project is a trial in one section, but if successful it will hopefully spread (over time) throughout the whole cemetery.Oak Tree Island and Cross 008 (800x600)