Month: June 2015

Kings Heath History Group visit Brandwood End.

This photograph was taken on Saturday 20th June at the end of a most interesting and absorbing KH History Group summer field trip to Brandwood End Cemetery led by Pat Franklin (A member of FBEC) who generously gave her time to talk to the members about the history of the Cemetery and show them some of the WW1 graves and memorials that Brandwood contains.

KH History Group June 2015#3 (800x600)

Hedge cut for another season…..

Several members of FBEC answered our call for help as we brought the hedge in the Civilian Garden of Remembrance back in line!

Many hands make light work……..                   20150614_095651                                                          20150614_103412

20150614_111804Several of our members turned up, shears in hand, to help trim the hawthorn hedge that surrounds the garden.




Luckily the weather was in our favour and we managed to do a bit of weeding as well!




Our thanks to everyone who gave up their morning and I think we all agree that the Civilian Garden is looking really good at the moment.

A brief mention to the ladies that take it in turns to weed the beds and paths. Their efforts are obvious!

Cherish your Churchyard.

We know Brandwood End isn’t exactly a Churchyard…..but seeing as its ‘Cherish your Churchyard’ week……..I think we can cheat a little!  We always need gardening help with weeding, hedge cutting, pruning and other projects etc.  How about starting our own special week……. ‘ Celebrate your Cemetery’ ?

Botanics clay day. 009 (600x800)

Can you lend FBEC your horticultural skills?

FBEC members are responsible for maintaining the flower beds in the Civilian Garden of Remembrance in Brandwood End. The flower beds in this area are overflowing with blooms……but hidden amongst them there are many weeds! The planting in this area will be refurbished in the winter but we could do with help keeping the weeds down till then. We operate a small rota but we need more members to give a couple of hours. This can be as a regular commitment or just a one off when you have some spare time. Can you contact us via this web site or e mail to

IMG_8158IMG_8164IMG_8165We collected this bag of weeds in a few minutes as we passed through the area.

We also have a new hedge, in close proximity to this area, that needs the weeds keeping down underneath it- until the hedge is established enough to shade them out.  Please get in touch if you would be happy to spend a couple of hours enjoying this beautiful cemetery and pulling a few weeds!!

Sun shines for June Litter Pick

Six FBEC members enjoyed today’s sunshine as they searched for litter in the Cemetery at our quarterly  ‘Litter Pick’. It was good to see that there was very little litter about, but we still managed to gather about 8 bags- mainly flower paper, from under hedges and hidden in shrubbery. Your next chance to join us will be on Saturday 5th September.

I thought today, instead of litter, I would post a few lovely photographs taken during the event.


We were a little shocked by this drastic pruning of a conifer on the main drive but it would appear that it will ultimately be dispatched, but in the mean time it still offers a home to thousands of insects and a great perch for our local Buzzard!


IMG_8151   IMG_8156