Month: December 2017

Action Re chapels and surroundings!

As the observant amongst you will have noticed, we are still having to ‘extend/amend’ existing posts as we are unable to add new ones! The organisation running our site are trying desperately to rectify this but in the mean time this post will get longer and longer…

Victorian twin terracotta Chapels at Brandwood End Cemetery

Following our request, the fencing surrounding the chapels is being moved closer to the buildings to allow staff to cut a band of grass around the perimeter of the fence thus hopefully improving the overall ‘look’ of that area. A company will be making the roof of the the ‘intact’ chapel totally weatherproof and then, following planning permission, installing a temporary roof on the now unprotected half of the building. Watch this space and if anyone captures some interesting photos we would love to publish them. They can be e mailed to us as

Can we wish you all belated best wishes for 2018. The recent winds in January have seen branches off Conifers and two trees blown over (A Willow and a Silver Birch) but luckily very little grave damage. I think we got off lightly! You can still follow our adventures on facebook…..

Two lovely photographs taken by one of our committee members showing beautiful Autumnal colours in Brandwood End before Winter set in!

The Last Litter Pick of 2017!

Gosh, where has 2017 gone. Today saw the last scheduled Litter Pick for 2017 and hopefully by the time we ‘pick’ again in March, we may be seeing some signs of Spring in 2018! Our thanks to today’s volunteers. Here….yet again ….are some more early snowdrops we found today and also some of the fungi nestling in the leaves around the cemetery.



Final event in our year long ‘Help for Hedgehogs’ project.

On Wednesday this week we unveiled our latest addition to Brandwood End Cemetery….a lovely Interpretation Board displaying lots of information about how to ‘Help Hedgehogs’. This is the final event in our Heritage Lottery sponsored ‘Help for Hedgehogs’ project.

Lots of people to thank today…. Councillor Tristran Chatfield, who unveiled the board for us , Bereavement Service Office and Ground Staff, all our local Councillors, The Wildlife Trust (Birmingham and Black Country), The Park Ranger Service, SHED, Woodthorpe Primary School, St Albans RC Primary, Rachel (our film maker), FBEC  volunteers and finally the local community.