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One of the most commonly asked questions is how to find a grave.  Bereavement Services at Kings Norton, who deal with Brandwood End Cemetery, can help you do this.  The Friends are pleased to provide information of their services and prices where applicable:

Grave Location Services:

Provided a full name and date (or year) of death is given then this search if free of charge.  If a search of more than one year is needed then a fee of £10.00 will be charged.

If the burial register information is requested for all persons buried in a private grave, then the fee of £10.00 per name will be applied (ie. a grave with 4 internments would be charged as £40.00).

For more information please contact Bereavement Services at Kings Norton Cemetery  on 0121 303 5583 or email at

We wish you luck with your search

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  1. louis cook says:

    trying to find a grave of harry coook,and henry cook1920/1940

  2. Sarah Courbet says:

    Hi Louise, you need to contact the owners Birmingham City Council. The contacts for Brandwood End Cemetery are: For more information please contact Brandwood End Cemetery on 0121 459 9132 or email at

    Good luck!

  3. Bernadette Rigney says:

    Hi trying to find the grave of husband and wife Denis and Delia Clifford and also John Clifford brother of Denis . killed in the blits 26th October 1940. from Dublin , Ireland .

  4. dawn elliot says:

    hi i want to find my sisters unmarked grave… she was a stillborn ..born 1974 so there wont be a birth or death certificate. my mother died so i havent got alot of information. i know the hospital it was QE in Birmingham.. i know they wanted to call her angela elliot and i know she was born month can i find the grave .

  5. Mark Harrington says:

    Pleased to see that a friends organisation exists. I tried to visit my fathers grave in December, and the whole row of headstones looked to have disappeared. He is interred in the far bottom left end having passed away in October 1978, and is amongst other Catholics (Donald Francis Harrington). is it possible that some headstones have been removed because of the swampiness of the ground down there, and if so, when will they be replaced.

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      Hi Mark, I am not aware that any headstones have been removed but let me ask my friends on the committee to see if they can shed any light for you. Sarah

  6. Mark Harrington says:

    Thanks Sarah, Look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Mark

  7. mrs caron canney says:

    just wondered if you know of a way we can get my husbands mums deeds to a plot she had bought his father is buried there and we need the deeds to bury her ashes there but noone can find them.

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      Hi Caron. I don’t I’m afraid but if you contact Bereavements they may be able to help? Good luck!

  8. Sarah Courbet says:

    Caron, my response didn’t contain the link:

    You need to contact the owners Birmingham City Council. The contacts for Brandwood End Cemetery are:

    For more information please contact Brandwood End Cemetery on 0121 459 9132 or email at

    Good luck!

  9. Shehzad says:


    I would like ot know the position of a grave, Name Mr Paul McMahon Year 1994……if you could pls tell me where this is I will relly appreciate. I wanted to pay my respects, as he was a close friend/neighbour.

    Many Thanks


  10. John says:

    I have a grave refference of C1,SC and then a grave number,I assume C1 is the section but what does SC mean? If it helps it is a public unmarked grave.

  11. Siobhan McGoldrick says:

    I am desperate to buy a grave plot at brandwood end!
    I have been told there is none available is there away of contacting people who has plots bought that maybe willing to sell?
    I have alot of family and relatives and a close member has just died and wants to be buried with the rest of the family members
    Hope someone can help


  12. peter dovey says:

    can you tell me if you can still reserve a burial plot at brandwood please

  13. Rose Firth says:

    My mother visits the cemetary annually to visit a number of graves associated with my family. She visited last week and found many of the plots have been moved. She’s very upset, it’s really affected her badly. What has happened?
    What would the cemetary have done with graves from the 1970s?

  14. Deanne Austin-Sant says:

    Hello – I have been given the grave section and number of my Great Aunt who passed away in 1937 (Section D1 Number 785) and I wondered what were the chances of it still being there?
    Many thanks

  15. Sarah Courbet says:

    Hi Deanne

    Graves are not moved without prior permission or discussion with the next of kin (is my understanding). There is no reason why the grave should have been moved. Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery raised a significant amount of money and reinstated section markers making it easier to find graves. You can find a map on this website. If you want further information please contact the Cemetery Owners – Bereavements Dept of Birmingham City Council – again their details are under ‘Owners’ Good luck! Sarah

  16. roy william cross says:

    My fathers, Mothers sec. and Grave No………….B12 d 2571
    Deceased……..Lillian Cross
    Can you please help.

  17. Sarah Courbet says:

    Roy Cross. I am not sure what you are asking? If you are trying to find a grave you need to contact the Owners, Birmingham City Council. Their contact details are in this page above. As you know the section number you can use the map to help find the grave. You can find this at B12 is down the Broad Lane end, to the left as you come in from this entrance. Does that help?

  18. Kerry Tuohy says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I hope you can help me. Both my Grandparents are buried within Bramwood End Cemetary. My Grandad Thomas Patrick Tuohy has been buried there since April 1984 and my Grandmother Helena Monica Tuohy (Monica to everyone who knew her) was buried there December 2013. Between them they have a huge family consisting of 8 children, 22 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren so far I wanted to look in to purchasing and placing a bench in their Memory by their shared grave. Can you tell me if we can do this, how much this would cost and how long the whole process would take?

    Kindest Regards


  19. Kerry Tuohy says:

    PS; my grandmother was buried at Bramwood End December 2012, sorry typo error.

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      Hiya. I think you are referring to Brandwood End Cemetery. You have to contact the owners, Birmingham City Council, about placing a bench, I found this on their website: Memorial Benches
      Memorial benches may be purchased in memory of a loved one. They may be placed in a chosen spot within the cemetery grounds in consultation with a member of the office staff. Only benches purchased through the cemetery office will be permitted within the cemetery grounds. Their contact details are also on this page:

      Good luck. And do send me a photo for our website if this is something you pursue. Thanks, Sarah

  20. karen says:

    Hi i’m trying to look for my friend who died in 1971 susan Hickey, can you help me please many thanks, or the plot number many many thanks, from mrs Karen fowler

  21. KAT CARY says:

    LESLIE CARY BORN 14/8/72 DIED 15/8/72



  22. Im trying to find a grave in the name of Arthur Albert Sheppey who was buried in Oct 13 1932 in Chapel Private 539 c1 .

  23. karen says:

    Hi I’m trying to find my best friend grave susan hickey born 1964 to 1972,Can you please help me many thanks, as it means so much to me, Manythanks from Karen fowler

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hi Karen,
      Not sure if anyone has replied yet but can I refer you to our ‘ find a grave’ page which has just been updated with the new phone number for Bereavement Services at Kings Norton Cemetery who keep all the records for Brandwood End. Hope this helps and good luck in your search.

  24. Sandra Timmis says:

    Hi I hope you can help i am looking for the grave of my friends mother she died in 1954 aged 39 her name was Sylvia Elizabeth Cornforth and she was buried in Brandwood End cemetry
    thank you

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hello Sandra,
      I am afraid that we do not hold the records but if you contact Bereavements Department at Kings Norton Cemetery they keep all the Brandwood End Cemetery records as well. 0121 303 5583 They should be able to help you.

  25. Liz Gallagher says:

    I have a memorial card of my grandfather Michael John Redmond who died on 11 Jan 1937 and it says he was buried in Brandwood End Cemetary, Birmingham – I live in Dublin, Ireland, and never knew he was buried in the UK – how do I find out what grave he is in? Many thanks

  26. corinne says:

    Wants to know where my nans ashes are she was buried in her moms grave , the name on grave is berry but my nan name was betty bennett

  27. Jane Edwards says:

    Hi there,
    hopefully that is because you grew up in the area and maybe your mum walked you in the cemetery. Thats what I certainly did with my daughter.

  28. David says:

    Hi Im trying to find out were my uncle is buried His name was Richard Carthy he died in 1998 and im trying to locate the owner of the grave and who is in it with him

  29. Tamara Mahon says:

    Hi, I was wondering about the protocol surrounding unmarked burial places. My Brother rests at Brandwood End Cemetery with no recognition. Is there anything at all I could possibly do to make his presence there known? (Other than flowers) like a wooden cross, baring his name and date of birth etc?
    Thank you

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hello Tamara,
      It really depends on which area of the cemetery your brother is buried in. If he is buried in the public grave area I am afraid you cant mark his grave but you can have a plaque on the nearby wall of remembrance. Can I suggest that you contact Bereavements Dept at Kings Norton who will explain exactly what you can and cant do. Tel: 0121 303 5583
      Fax: 0121 459 8284

  30. sarah halverson says:

    I am looking for my grandads grave please his name is Edwin hewson 22-11-1967 I also think his son was buried with him or nearby. I will be visiting this crem this weekend hope someone can help ..

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hello Sarah,
      You will need to contact Bereavement Services at Kings Norton Cemetery. They no longer have an office in Brandwood End and are only available Monday to Friday. Their contact details are on our web page.

  31. Stewart Hope says:

    Hi I am looking for the grave of William Thomas Butwell
    Born: 1887
    Died: 1948

    his second wife whom he was married to at the time of his death was Beatrice Louisa

    many thanks for your help

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hello Stewart,
      I am afraid the Friends do not hold the burial records for the cemetery but if you contact Bereavements Services at Kings Norton Cemetery they should be able to assist you. Their phone number is 0121 303 5583
      Jane Edwards (Chairman FBEC)

  32. Claire parker says:

    Im trying to find 3 people 1st Lydia Gertrude Harris nee Poole d.o.b 1878 and died march 1941. Also her daughter Jessie R Robinson born 16/08/1916 and died 26/04/1986 in the QE Hospital also her husband James Robinson born 17/07/1914 and Died sept 1972. Many thanks for any help.

  33. Elisha Rattray says:

    Hi I’m trying to find my dad he died when I was younger and I only have a birth certificate with his name on I don’t know the exact year he died only that I was young I’m now 18 and looking for where he is buried what do I do. Me my twin and and my dad share the same last name if that helps

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      Hi Elisha. You need to contact the Owners Birmingham City Council and they can help find a grave. Details are on this page. Good luck!

  34. Markus Deimling says:

    Trying to find my friend daniel garcia 1985-2011 he died in aurora, colorado

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