Useful Links

Sites with similar interests to our own.

B14 Kings Heath
An excellent site devoted to Kings Heath news, events and local community activities

Bereavements Services – Birmingham City Council
Birmingham City Council, Bereavements Services – general information on Brandwood End Cemetery, with links to other City cemeteries.

Birmingham Conservation Trust
Birmingham Conservation Trust is a charity which exists ‘to preserve and enhance Birmingham’s threatened architectural heritage and to promote an enjoyment and understanding of the city’s historic buildings’.

Birmingham Forum
Birmingham Forum is a forum for discussing all aspects of Birmingham life, local issues, history, nightlife, events, activities, etc

Birmingham Heritage Forum
A voluntary association of public and private groups and individuals interested in the heritage of Birmingham. Here you will find details of sites and collections in the City. This will help you to plan your visits to experience Birmingham’s rich heritage of historical buildings, beautiful gardens, wonderful churches and industrial past.

Birmingham Open Spaces Forum (BOSF)
BOSF is an active network which aims to expand, improve and sustain open spaces in Birmingham.  Membership is free and open to organisations and individuals.

A local history website specifically for Kings Heath.

Cannon Hill Park Friends
Cannon Hill has many different habitats including, lakes, pools and a wonderful collection of trees. It is home to the Midlands Arts Centre (the MAC) and has a Ranger Service, which organizes a year-round programme of events and activities for the general public and educational events for schools.

Gravestone HQ
A blogsite set up by John when his grandmother passed away and he needed information on a gravestone.  Some great information can be found here but please note that we can’t take responsibility for information held on external sites and also that the regulations may be different for Brandwood End Cemetery.

My Kings Heath
A vibrant newsletter covering the Kings Heath area.

PodNosh – The Grass Roots Channel
Their motto is “We love to share” – and the stories on the Grassroots Channel were made for sharing. So if you want to hear about local citizens, active in a wide variety of areas, then this is definitely a website for you to visit.  Remember – Turn Your Sound On! as this is an audio channel.
There’s nothing complicated or dangerous here, the PodNosh Links simply link to their site which means you can listen to the latest programme as they update it.

Postcode Stories

Kings Norton. It’s a typical neighbourhood in a typical town. Not much happens in these quiet everyday streets. Or does it?  That weird road name you spotted – where did that come from? Why is the old church boarded up? As for that old knarled tree in the graveyard…. perhaps strange things are afoot, and perhaps ghosts walk these lanes.  Click here to find out more…

The National Federation of Cemetery Friends
The formation of a number of groups of volunteers with the common aim of conserving their local cemeteries led, in 1986, to the founding of The National Federation of Cemetery Friends.  Many of the Cemetery Friends started as pressure groups to counter owner’s neglect of a cemetery or proposals for inappropriate use. Often those who were successful continued their interest by monitoring the owner’s maintenance and restoration work and, if given the opportunity, helping in a practical way.  The Federation acts as a link for Cemetery Friends in the UK. Members exchange information through their own newsletters and an annual meeting. An annual newsletter is published, together with a booklet called Notes on Saving Cemeteries, which gives advice to potential Friends on setting up a group.

The Parish of St Dunstan’s and St Jude’s

Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery have forged strong links with a local Catholic church, St Dunstan’s:  At the heart of Parish life is The Celebration of Mass.  The spiritual nourishment we receive from the Eucharist gives us the strength, not only for our own personal Journey of Faith but also to support others on their Journey of Faith.  Their website includes a list of Parish Groups and activities showing how that support is being put into practice. It illustrates the great work being done within the Parish to carry out Christ’s will and demonstrate how we are real witnesses to our Christian faith.  We have included details in relation to social activity as well as recreation as an important part of Parish life.

The Victorian Society (Birmingham)
Protecting the architecture, the culture, the decorative arts and history of the Victorian Period. Members of the Victorian Society enjoy a wide range of talks and lectures, site visits, tours and walks.