Executive Committee

The Executive Committee was first elected at the inaugural public meeting on July 21, 2005. Elections take place in April every year at the AGM.

The current Executive Committee members were elected at our in April 2023 and are listed below:-


Chairman: Julia Griffin

Secretary: Jane Edwards

Vice Chairman: Coral Howard

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Julian Pritchard

Newsletter Editor: Coral Howard

Committee Members: Philip Brown,  Carola Klein , Lisa Fair, Gill Price and Tricia Winspur.

We offer a committee place to a representative of any local organisation that may have an interest in the Cemetery but we have so much contact with other groups where we all share 9nformation that none of the groups feel the need to attend our committee. We have FBEC committee members representing us at many of the local groups that we work with and we all try to support each other. These Include Balsall Heath History Group, The Moseley Society,  Kings Heath History Group, Friends of Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve, Friends of Dawberry Fields Park, Friends of Lifford Reservoir and Friends of Brandwood Pool. We have a formal membership of the National Association of Cemetery Friends, Birmingham Open Spaces Forum and Birmingham Heritage Forum and a committee member attends their meetings. We also work closely on local projects through ‘Our Scene CIC’.

If you think you may wish to join our committee, we are happy for you to come along informally to meetings before making your decision. We are fortunate that most people who come to see what we do subsequently become involved either on the committee or at events. We are always looking for new committee members to help keep a fresh approach and introduce new ideas.


Professor Carl Chinn, MBE, PhD

Professor John Hunter, OBE, PhD, FSA, FSA (Scotland)

Dr. Julian Litten, PhD, FSA, FSA (Scotland)

Sarah Courbet.

Alistair McGowan