Opening Hours and Plan

Cemetery Plan and Opening Times:

Month Weekdays Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
January 8.30am-4pm 10am – 4pm
February, March & April 8.30am-4pm 10am – 5pm
May, June, July, August & September. 8.30am-4.30pm 10am – 5pm
October and November 8.30am-4pm 10am – 5pm
December 8.30am-4pm 10am – 4pm

Taken from the Birmingham City Bereavements Department webpage – ALWAYS check the Notice Board at the Cemetery Gates for any variations in Opening and Closing times.

A Plan of the Cemetery to assist your visit which you can download here:  Brandwood_End_Cemetery_plan_ Aug_2011.


  1. Michele Jones says:

    I am trying to locate my brother’s grave. I have some information regarding the section number but it’s a public grave and I’m unsure if it could therefore be located.

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hello Michele
      I am afraid the Friends do not have access to the burial records. They are kept at Kings Norton Cemetery, but Bereavement staff there should be able to assist. These are their contact details Tel: 0121 303 5583
      Fax: 0121 459 8284
      Email: It should be possible to locate a burial area for you. We hope this helps and wish you luck.

      Jane Edwards (Chairman FBEC)

  2. VALERIE JUDGE says:

    Grandparents buried at Brandwood end. I am now in 60s moving back with hubby to Birmingham. Always loved coming to Brandwood end with my mom to tend the grave. Just a thought, would it be possible to re-open an old grave to accommodate family members now. Will be giving this more thought and effort when back in Birmingham, hopefully wont be needed for a few years, I intend to visit cemetery when settled back in Brum Just a general answer will do for now, thanks, Valerie.

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hi Valerie
      I think the answer to your question depends on how much was paid for the grave initially and whether it was a single grave or family site. If you contact Bereavement services at Kings Norton Cemetery they will be able to check the records. Their phone number is 0121 303 5583

  3. Janice Wilkes says:

    Hi I am trying to find what happened to my sisters baby, she was born in Solihull hospital. May 21/22 1970. She was transferred to Marston Green where she sadly passed away May 22nd. Babies name was Jane Elizabeth Brown. I know you have public graves, do you have records available. I would be very grateful for any help or information.
    My sister is repeatedly asking about her even more so now, she is not in good health at moment. It would be so good for her if we could find where the baby is. Thank you.
    Janice Wilkes

    • Jane Edwards says:

      I think it is more likely that she was buried on the Solihull side of the City, unless there is a connection to Brandwood area? You will need to contact Bereavements Department at Kings Norton who hold the records and can check this date. Their contact details are on this site. Hope this helps.

  4. Theresa says:

    Good morning,

    I have been going through my Ancestors and come across my Great Nan via another person who was searching for her as well. She emailed the cemetery at the time and found out my great nans grave was located in section number 25. I have the grave number as well. Is this going to be easy to find when I go through the main gates. It’s a 49 year old anniversary on 24th October so I would like to lay flowers on her grave.

    Many thanks,


    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hello Theresa,
      In theory it should be easy if you have the Section number and grave number. If you enter by the main gate and travel straight along the main drive till you reach the ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ island. Turn left here down the beautiful avenue of Redwoods and onwards to the very bottom of this avenue. The Section that lies to your right on and round this corner is 25CE.(It is labelled) You will then have to try and find a grave….any grave…with a number and then work backwards or forwards till you find the number you want! Numbers may be on edging stones or the rear of headstones so allow a little while to look, and find the right one.I am sure it will be worth the effort. We wish you luck. You may find there are some maps in the perspex box outside the Lodge as you enter the site that may help.

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