Restoration, conservation and respectful enjoyment of Brandwood End Cemetery and Chapels

Our volunteers hard at work (and enjoying themselves!) 

We are a charity here to promote for the benefit of the local community and others, the restoration, conservation and respectful enjoyment of Brandwood End Cemetery and Chapels. That includes the monuments, buildings, records, green spaces, adjacent pool and allotments and overall environment.



From litter picks and planting trees, to helping hedgehogs, our events are always fun, friendly and suitable for most ages!

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Friends of Brandwood Cemetery is run purely by unpaid volunteers and we welcome your help!  Whether you have family laid to rest here, you are a concerned local resident or are interested in conservation, we need you!

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About the Cemetery

On 13 April 1899 George Tallis, Chairman of the Cemetery Committee, opened Brandwood End Cemetery.

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Can you spare a couple of hours?

Litter picks are a great way to get some fresh air!

Latest News

How about a Civilian Garden ‘blast from the past’?

August 3, 2020

It’s nice, now and then, to look back at previous events. In our early days the Friends had a photo album with This is a link to our 2007 opening of the Civilian Garden. Sadly, many of the people featured are no longer with us. Thankfully, allowing for several… Read more

Remembering VJ Day

August 2, 2020

The 75th anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan) will be recognised on 15 August 2020 commemorating the final end of the Second World War. This anniversary is rarely ‘celebrated’ publicly as widely as VE Day but it was, never the less, just as important for many reasons. VJ Day… Read more

Attempted break in to Chapel buildings.

July 26, 2020

The Friends noticed that one of the doors of the chapels had been damaged, so contacted Bereavement staff who dashed out to check! Sure enough, someone had tried to gain access but failed. They had also attempted to steal the lightening conductor off the steeple!! What next? How glad are… Read more

A joint anniversary

July 25, 2020

On Monday 20th July, the Friends held a small event to place a summer wreath at the Cross of Sacrifice to mark 90 years since its inauguration, and also 15 years of work by the Friends. The opening photograph shows our founding Chairman, Anne Courbet, alongside our existing Chairman, Julia… Read more

Thanks to all our supporters.

July 15, 2020

Can we take a moment, in this special year, to welcome everyone who views our web site and visits the cemetery. Please spread the word.  Interest in the cemetery has swelled of late and we are so pleased to be able to share our love of this amazing cemetery with… Read more

Celebrating 15 years of the Friends.

July 15, 2020

Its 15 years since the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery (FBEC) were formed, on the 21st July. Over those 15 years we have remained remarkably busy but many of our projects have remained unseen, so we thought we would create the a poster showing some of the more evident things… Read more