Can you spare a couple of hours?

Litter in Brandwood End Cemetery.

We are making a difference to the general appearance of the cemetery and our regular litter picks really make a difference so why not join us for an hour or two and help out?

The biggest enemy is the wind, which spreads paper in to the bushes around the boundaries, but that is to be expected.  The recent addition of special bins for plastic and dead flowers appears to be helping to reduce windblown litter as well as helping in recycling.  Hopefully that will continue.

For those of you who think there is very little litter around these days and so there is no need to come, it is only like that because of the continuing efforts of the ground staff and the Friends litter picks days.  We must not let up the pressure on litter.

A clean environment encourages people to keep it that way.  This simple bi-monthly task is essential in maintaining this cemetery’s appearance.

The group is made of up of volunteers who can spare an hour or so wandering around the beautiful surroundings on the Cemetery, and picking up litter as they go.  Litter picks are provided to save on your backs, along with the requisite bags.  So all you have to do is bring yourself, some gloves and a smile!

Talking about appearance

Now we have restored the Civilian Garden, at the same time as the Litter Picks we are asking for any of you gardeners out there to also come at the same time to help maintain the garden by simple weeding.

All you need are your gloves and your usual hand tools.  As ever children MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We are always carrying out research work and welcome assistance with this fascinating subject.

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  1. Hi, i’m a local stone mason who owns a DOFF SYSTEM and Jos system. I’d be willing to give up some spare weekends to help and advise on the restoration of the chapel as i have numerous relatives buried at Brandwood. Have a look at my website to see if these machines might be of some use to you. The Doff machine will also remove chewing gum from paths etc. Many thanks Martin Gaynor

  2. Barbara Hill says:

    Dear Friends,
    My sister and I are coming over from the US to visit our grandmother’s grave for the first time! Weather permitting (June) we could help with litter pickup while we’re there. Are there certain days/times when it’s done or can it be done any time? Also, is there an inn or B & B near the cemetery?
    Thank you,

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      How lovely! Our next scheduled litter pick is in May so probably won’t coincide with your visit unfortunately. If you let us know when you expect to be in the Cemetery it may be that one of us could be there to show you around? And whilst there is no organised litter pick there is nothing to stop you tidying up around your area. In terms of Inns, I would use Trip Advisor or AirBbB and search Brandwood, Kings Heath, Moseley. Safe travels!

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