Litter Picks – Keeping our Cemetery Tidy

Litter in Brandwood End Cemetery
Litter in Brandwood End Cemetery

We are definitely on top of the litter and we are making a difference to the general appearance of the cemetery so please keep try to assist us.

Why do we ask you to do this?

The biggest enemy is the wind, which spreads paper in to the bushes around the boundaries, but that is to be expected.

The last litter pick was in MAY, 2010, when we were able to remove the usual amount of wind blown litter from around the Cemetery, and of course we have had a lot of wind and rain which always creates its own problems with rubbish and the odd branch off a tree.

The recent addition of special bins for plastic and dead flowers appears to be helping to reduce windblown litter as well as helping in recycling.  Hopefully that will continue.

For those of you who think there is very little litter around these days and so there is no need to come, it is only like that because of the continuing efforts of the ground staff and the Friends litter picks days.  We must not let up the pressure on litter.

A clean environment encourages people to keep it that way.

This simple bi-monthly task is essential in maintaining this cemetery’s appearance.

Talking about appearance

Now we have restored the Civilian Garden, at the same time as the Litter Picks we are asking for any of you gardeners out there to also come at the same time to help maintain the garden by simple weeding.

All you need are your gloves and your usual hand tools.  As ever children MUSTbe accompanied by a responsible adult.


The Next Litter Picks will take place on:

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