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Since we posted sightings of muntjac deer, bats and other wildlife there have been several visitors coming along to find these lovely animals.  Please note that the Cemetery is there for people to pay their respects to those that have passed on, and to enjoy some quiet moments reflection.  The Cemetery is ideal, because it is so quiet, for wildlife to enjoy the natural environment BUT they are not there our pleasure.  Please do not ask the staff where they can be found; even if they knew, most creatures only come out at night when the Cemetery is closed and the people have gone home.  Please respect the Cemetery, it’s wildlife inhabitants, the staff and other visitors.  Many thanks.

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  1. John Wallace says:

    For those seeking bats: there are two other open sites not far away where bats can be seen when the time and conditions are right. Brandwood Pool is at the end of Whittington Close (B14 6JW), and Jasmine Fields is next to St Albans School, between Bayston Road (B14 5AN) and the Canal.

    There are “Friends Of” groups for both of these, groups which can be contacted via the City Council’s Parks Ranger service (neither group has a website yet, find the Rangers by searching for “Kings Heath Ranger Hub”).

    Last September, over twenty people (and quite a lot of bats) turned up for a joint Bat Night walk from Jasmine Fields to the Pool, supported by the Birmingham and Black Country Bat Group (aka brumbats).

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