Grave search ends in Brandwood End

Brandwood End Cemetery made the news this week as the grand daughter of P J Evans searched the country for his grave…..and guess where she found it? Brandwood End Cemetery!

The P J Evans name was well known to Brummies and associated with the motor trade but did you know that Percy J Evans won the Isle of Man TT Race? In 1911 two races were held on the Mountain course.  The Junior was won by P J Evans on a Humber at 41.45 mph and the Senior by Oliver Godfrey on an Indian at 47.63 mph. Evans set the fastest lap in his race at 42.00 mph and Frank Phillips (Scott) the fastest Senior at 50.11 mph.

A replica of the TT trophy originally adorned his memorial stone but over the years this has gone missing.  Does anyone out there have any idea where it went?

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