Author: Jane Edwards

March Litter Pick Cancelled

I am afraid that we have had to cancel our March Litter Pick due to Covid restrictions.*

We will be back in June, on the 6th, as part of the ‘late’ Great British Spring Clean but in the meantime can we ask all our followers, who visit the cemetery, to remove any litter they see into the bins on site, as this will greatly help us and Ground Staff to keep Brandwood End looking spic and span.

Can we remind you that most of the litter that we find consists of windblown flower paper or badly secured artificial flower displays. If you leave flowers please remove the paper, and check that all displays are well secured, as once items blows from a grave we have no idea where they belong!  This week there is a lot of this type of litter on the boundary areas so if you see litter, please pop it in the bin. at any time, but especially during these strange times, do remember to use a litter picker if possible and always wear gloves.

  • We are a member of BOSF and under present regulations our community insurance would be invalid if we held our normal Litter Pick during Covid restrictions.


Please avoid driving on the verges!

You can see, from the photograph above, that driving on the verges causes lots of often irreversible damage. There is no excuse! We know the avenues are narrow but the whole road system is a grid. If there is a parked car just use the next avenue and approach from the other end…..or reverse!  If this continues then restricted vehicle access to these side avenues may be the only answer available to Bereavement staff to prevent such mindless damage, and no one wants that.

New fencing completed.

Pleased to see that the new fencing to the rear of the lodge is completed and looking good. The idea was to avoid reinstalling larch lap panels, that the wind soon damages,  and deter people from walking through the lodge garden to the rear burial section- but maintain an open aspect.

I think you will all agree that these new fences fulfil all of those requirements….but it appears someone or something is continuing their usual route ! Gathering by the snow prints I think its local foxes and pussy cats, but they have been very busy!