Fan mail from a Friend of Brandwood End Cemetery

Victorian twin terracotta Chapels at Brandwood End Cemetery


“One of our members wrote this lovely letter and has kindly agreed to us publishing it.  As one of the Founding Members, current Chairman and Friend myself it is wonderful to know our efforts are both noticed and supported.  Thank you Jeannette!”

Anne Courbet, Chairman


 “It was uplifting to see some activity at the Victorian Mortuary Chapels when my husband and I visited Brandwood End Cemetery at Easter time.  It is such a pity that the metal safety fencing has to remain – not a pretty sight – but obviously it is there to protect what remains of the chapels from further vandalism.

I always try to make my small contribution towards the general appearance of the cemetery whenever my husband and I visit our family graves – picking up litter, raking dead leaves, etc. wherever it is needed.

I realise that it is only due to the dedication and enthusiasm of the Committee of F.B.E.C. that any of the improvements made during the past few years have been achieved.  I would like to say thank you to each one of you.  Thank goodness someone came up with the idea of forming F.B.E.C.

My husband remembers very clearly how beautifully kept Brandwood End cemetery was when his family lived in Yarningale Road in the late 1940s, and the general area was still quite rural.”

Regards,  Jeannette.

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