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We’ve started, so we may as well carry on!

If you follow our posts you will see that earlier this afternoon we gave the hedge a clip around the War Grave area. As we were enjoying the sunshine we decided to carry on and attack the Civilian Garden area, which was equally in need of a bit of TLC due to ‘lockdown’ restrictions.

We managed to weed the rose beds and paths, prune the roses, remove all the suckers on our lovely trees and give a ‘top’ cut to the hedge, but there is still plenty to do. Cut hedge sides and weed shrub beds to mention just a couple, but I am afraid the heat overcame us.

(And the fact that the gates are locked at 7pm and it was now 6.50pm!)



Our shrub beds are obviously thriving.

….and the 4 of us are suffering with the high temperatures this evening!

Never mind, there is always another day.







‘Cut back’ for War Grave hedge.

We have well over 200 Commonwealth War Graves scattered around Brandwood End but for some reason there are a small group of them together just near our Civilian Garden of Remembrance, so some years ago we planted a hedge as a form of demarcation. During Lock down it had become rather wild and unkempt….maybe like some of us! Today some of us took it in hand!

This is what we found……



But with a snip here and there it now looks a little neater.


Just one, or are there more?

In the last month there have been close to a dozen sightings of Roe Deer in and around the Cemetery. It seems that usually it is a female Roe and she favours early afternoon for her appearances!

This is not a photograph of the Roe in the cemetery, but a generic one. (Note that they have a ‘white’ flash on their rear end). Can you snap our lady on her walk about, either in or around Brandwood Cemetery. Is she alone, or does she have a mate?

Please let us know if you are lucky enough to have a sighting on

Not to be out done our smaller Munjac deer are still making an appearance now and then, but are exceptionally quiet this year and no one has recorded hearing their usual ‘bark’. They are often vocal at dawn and dusk. They are much smaller (Labrador dog size max) with shorter necks and legs.

Cancelled Litter Pick

The Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery should have been holding their quarterly litter pick this Sunday coming but, under the present circumstances, we have decided to cancel it. It is probable that it would involve a group of more than 6 people, most of whom would fall into vulnerable categories! We hope to be able to ask for your support for our next litter pick on Saturday 5th September.

Members of the committee will be visiting the cemetery as and when possible and litter picking but fortunately, due to lockdown and reduced visitors, there is very little litter.

If you are visiting a grave can we ask you to remove any flower paper from flowers you may be leaving and take it with you. As the flowers dry in the sun they become light weight and the wind carries the paper around the cemetery.

If you are leaving artificial flowers please ensure they are well secured, as in high winds these blow around the area and then get cut by the ride on movers into confetti !

Finally, can we ask you not to leave any unattended lighted candles, even in jars, whilst everywhere is tinder dry.

The Friends thank you for helping them keep Brandwood End a welcoming and safe place for all.

Remembering Dunkirk.

Between the 26th of May and the 4th of June 1940 over 300,000 British and allied troops were evacuated through the combined efforts of the Royal Navy and 700 ‘Little Ships’. The evacuation was ultimately a success rescuing a far greater number than the 45,000 expected. In excess of 330,000 troops made it home.

Please follow this link to the Royal British Legion site for an insight to the events from those involved.


Movement for Good- fundraiser.

Please nominate FBEC to receive a £1,000 award by using the link below. 500 selected charities will each receive a £1,000 award.
Type in the charity number on the form: 1114333 to make a nomination
One charity nomination per person
The current awards phase ends Sunday 24th May.

Our thanks to Ged Hickman for starting the ball rolling on facebook with nominations for the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery. He even kindly has provided everyone with our Charity Number.

Please click on the link and nominate us. 


VE Day-75

This year we are commemorating 75 years since the end of the Second World War.

VE Day took place on 8 May 1945, the day after Nazi Germany surrendered. It marked the end of nearly six years of conflict in Europe during which time many thousands of people had contributed to the war effort and served their country.

For many, VE Day was a day of celebration. Bunting was hung in the streets and people danced with friends and neighbours. Many people gathered outside Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of King George VI, who gave a radio broadcast at 9.00pm, and the future Queen Elizabeth II.

However, for some it was a day of mixed emotions. Many people had lost friends or family members to the conflict and were grieving. Meanwhile, the conflict in the Far East continued and many people were still serving overseas. Japan did not surrender until 15 August 1945 when VJ Day (Victory over Japan Day) was announced.

Brandwood End contains one hundred WW2 Military graves, as recorded by the Commonweath War Graves Commission. These graves are generally marked with similar headstones that are easily recognisable.

We also have a large number of civilian graves, as there were many bombing raids across the City. Some civilians lie in family graves but many are buried in our Civilian Garden of Remembrance.

Every year, in the weeks running up to Remembrance Sunday, the Friends and supporters place Poppy Crosses on 350+ graves in the cemetery, to remember those lost in conflicts from WW1 to present day.