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New fencing completed.

Pleased to see that the new fencing to the rear of the lodge is completed and looking good. The idea was to avoid reinstalling larch lap panels, that the wind soon damages,  and deter people from walking through the lodge garden to the rear burial section- but maintain an open aspect.

I think you will all agree that these new fences fulfil all of those requirements….but it appears someone or something is continuing their usual route ! Gathering by the snow prints I think its local foxes and pussy cats, but they have been very busy!

January 2021

If we haven’t said it already, a Happy New Year to all our members and those that follow our web site.  

The good news is that the lack of weed growth in the Winter has made the cemetery look really well groomed. The issues that we had with invasive ‘Mares tail’ growth appears to have disappeared- but don’t be fooled, they will most likely return with the Spring. This weed spreads its roots underground and means it is especially difficult to deal with, even with weed killer.

It is lovely to see that relatives strive to place wreaths on graves, even if they are slightly inaccessible. The message here is that care should be taken when planting ‘small shrubs/trees’ on family graves as they may well grow to become giants, and engulf both your cherished grave and those of others nearby.

More information on testing of headstones .

Took my daily exercise in the cemetery today and thought I would take a few photos of the extent of graves failing a stress test. These stones are in danger of toppling under minor pressure, so have been marked with blue tape and staked, to allow time for next of kin to have them correctly fixed by a Stonemason, and to warn the public to keep clear of them. In the older sections there are quite a few large stones needing action.


Memorial/Headstone testing.

Safety tests have been undertaken on monuments in B8 and B10. Some headstones tested are deemed unsafe so Bereavements may be trying to contact grave owners. DO THEY HAVE YOUR CORRECT ADDRESS? Please try and visit to check your relatives grave if it is in those areas and make sure Bereavement Services at Kings Norton are aware if you have moved. These are quite old burial sections so some grave sites may have no living relatives. Graves that have been deemed in need of action have been ‘blue’ taped and attached to posts. Ultimately these headstones will be laid flat to avoid damage to them and unsuspecting passers- by unless grave owners rectify the situation.  If you think your details are out of date you can e mail your present address to : 

Remember to include the grave number off your deeds!


We have received information today that a number of items were stolen from an unlocked car in Brandwood End on New Years Day.  The car was very close to its owners as they visited a grave but a thief managed to steal a handbag and items without being seen at all.  Please do not leave your car unlocked at any time, even if you think you will be ‘just a minute’ or’ close by’. There was a spate of similar thefts some years ago but nothing of late, but opportunist thieves are always about.

Just remember that the cemetery is a large 53 acre site and you do need to be aware of where you are and who is around you, the same as you would in a local park or open space. Please don’t leave valuables on display in your vehicle as it will take an opportunist just seconds to remove them. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR.

Can we stress that the cemetery is a lovely safe space and thefts from vehicles are very rare – far rarer than on any suburban street or supermarket car park, but if we all take care…..they will become even rarer.

If anyone has any information about the theft that happened on New Years Day, around lunch time, please contact the local Brandwood Policing Team at Bournville Police Station. The handbag was later disposed of. Did you see anyone doing that and thought it looked a bit odd?

Take care. Stay safe.