Successful Heritage event

As FBEC volunteers we have now had a chance to reflect on the success of our Heritage week. It was undoubtedly hard work but we had marvellous supporters and volunteers. Our thanks to Ranger Dean Paul, All our Rock Painters, Georgina from Caring for Gods Acre, Gerald Griffin, Doug Smith, Pat Franklin,  Tony, Dawn, Andrea and Irene de Boo (Who provided our inspiration) and all our volunteers who helped set up and break down our displays.


Will we do it again next year ?…..well probably not in the same format but certainly as a collection of events during Heritage Open Week.  Maybe one day we will be able to have our displays permanently set up in the Lodge and just open the door now and then !

Our sincere thanks to all the members of the public that supported us, all the volunteers who undertook lots of physical work and the Councillors who gave their time to support us, and of course our committee.


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