The Chapels – Latest News

An Options Appraisal has now been undertaken by architectural consultants to review the structure and environment of the twin terracotta Chapels and potential ways of raising funds for their restoration, future maintenance and improvements to the cemetery in general.

Their proposals were received by the Friends’ Committee and then offered for consideration to Councillor Len Gregory, the Cabinet member for Transportation.

Councillor Gregory rejected all the suggested proposals.  Consequently the Public Consultation arranged for Wednesday 8th April 2009, was cancelled, there being no practical reason for holding that consultation in view of his rejection of the proposals made by the architects in their review.

We now have to return to the drawing board and consider alternative options.  However, we do now have valuable additional and expert information on many matters in respect of the chapels and the cemetery environment as a result of that Options Appraisal.

The support of the membership is enormously appreciated and the Committee will continue its efforts in respect of the Chapels and will always keep you informed.

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