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News IconFollowing the resignation of my mother Anne Courbet both as Chairman and Membership Secretary I am delighted to have taken on the role of Membership Secretary.  Jane Edwards, a long standing Committee Member and Secretary, is our new Chairman and we are very lucky to have her as her efforts to improve the Cemetery are relentless.  I have updated all our membership forms so you can now contact me directly and send me your subscriptions for this year. Our latest newsletter, Issue 16, has just been published but it is only available to paid up members so please get your subscriptions in now and I will send you the latest news!

If you are happy to receive your newsletter via email we would be very grateful as each mailing now costs 50p in postage, and that’s without the printing and stationery.

I look forward to getting to know you and your views and look forward to hearing from you – particularly if you have subs to pay..

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