APPEAL FOR HELP- Perhaps now is a good opportunity to make an appeal for help within the cemetery. The Friends have many members nationally with an interest in Brandwood End but only about 10 people that help us physically on site, and we are all time limited ! We have a raft of projects we would like to undertake- from clearing Ivy from grave areas, removing Holly self setters, clearing brambles, maintaining the Civilian Garden (For which we are responsible) to- researching graves, placing Poppy Crosses, washing section markers, litter picking,……the list goes on ! What we lack is ‘man power’ (or women power!) –We are all getting older and WE NEED HELP. Please message us via this site or e mail us on

Please think about joining the Friends to help maintain this fantastic green space. Yes, BCC has ultimate responsibility but lack of funding means that they have very limited resources. The Friends can often access grants not available to them to undertake work to improve the environment. Many of the improvements we try to make only take ‘people’ to make them happen.

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