Benches and Hedges in the Civilian Garden

Those of you that visit our Civilian Garden of Remembrance, and enjoy its peace and calm can’t fail to have noticed that the Hedge has had a major spurt following our recent downpours. We are not able to cut the hedge at this time as DEFRA and RSPB instructions say that hedges should not be cut during the nesting season (March to September). We know that there are a number of small nests in our mature hedge so we will not be cutting it till the end of the summer. This hedge was planted by local school pupils essentially as way of increasing habitat and biodiversity, and also  to create privacy in the Civilian Garden area. It may look untidy at this time but it is supporting lots of local wildlife.

Our benches  in the garden are in frequent use and showing their age so we have made a decision to have them properly refurbished. At some time this year they will be removed, refurbished and returned but this is a costly experience so we need to make sure that we find the right company to undertake the work.  We welcome quotes via our e mail   There is a photograph of one bench  below. There are a total of 2 benches, both in similar condition. We want the existing finish stripping down and then oiled, not varnished. (To make future maintenance easier.)

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