Planting around the Lodge.

Due to financial constraints it would appear that the area adjacent to the Lodge Ramp would remain bare this year instead of full of its usual complement of Geraniums. The friends felt that this was not acceptable as this is a welcome flash of colour as you enter the cemetery, so we decided that we would have to do something about it- at very short notice!

Our first port of call was the Cofton plant nursery where they grow all the plants for the City to use on islands, in parks….and at Chelsea ! What a marvellous place, and our thanks to them for striking a really good deal for the Friends. As you can see above, we came away with a car full.

Our next priority was to plant them as soon as we could, and my thanks go to my husband and grandson who helped me with the task. They are now all in, and well watered (Not easy, as the nearest tap is some distance away ) But looking good now!!  Not sure we can undertake this task twice a year, financially and manpower wise- so lets hope enough people complain to make the city change its mind and see the importance of these plants to everyone’s mental health when they visit cemeteries and parks. Our thanks to Cllr Leddy for popping in to offer support.

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