What a difference a day makes !!

Our thanks to the 7 volunteers who came along to help us get the flower bed weeds under control.  Great work by Kerry, June, Julia, Kerry, Steve, Oscar and myself. We were all a little concerned that the grass appeared not to have been cut  for some time, which is unusual for the grass cutting team. The hedge desperately needed cutting but (as you will see below) , within a couple of days that was resolved.


Once again staff from BPN have stepped up and cut the hawthorn hedge surrounding the Civilian Garden of Remembrance for us. Not only is it cut but the base area has been cleared of leaf litter and weeds. Fantastic job well done. This is such a well established bio diverse hedge that is always left through the summer to help nesting birds, but then represents a really heavy job when cut at the end of nesting season. It is now beyond the Friends so thanks again for the help of from Paul’s team.

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