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Spring flowers in Brandwood End Cemetery

Spring bulbs
Spring bulbs, by Ayalon on Flickr

Early in 2009 we reported that one of our latest projects was to produce a new feature to the Cemetery by the planting of spring flowers along the main drive.

We planted some 14,000 spring bulbs, in various locations along both sides of the main drive, from the Superintendent’s Lodge down to the bottom of the drive at the Broad Lane gate.

The local squirrels certainly enjoyed the project as we found out to our cost – following us around as we planted bulbs they dug them up!

However, the majority survived and we do hope that you enjoyed the first showing of these spring flowers in 2009, which will now hopefully be a permanent feature to the cemetery for the years to come.

Now we have to see if the project has stood the test of time, and of course the squirrels, and we look forward to another lovely display in the Spring of 2010 – not too far away now!!