Can you lend FBEC your horticultural skills?

FBEC members are responsible for maintaining the flower beds in the Civilian Garden of Remembrance in Brandwood End. The flower beds in this area are overflowing with blooms……but hidden amongst them there are many weeds! The planting in this area will be refurbished in the winter but we could do with help keeping the weeds down till then. We operate a small rota but we need more members to give a couple of hours. This can be as a regular commitment or just a one off when you have some spare time. Can you contact us via this web site or e mail to

IMG_8158IMG_8164IMG_8165We collected this bag of weeds in a few minutes as we passed through the area.

We also have a new hedge, in close proximity to this area, that needs the weeds keeping down underneath it- until the hedge is established enough to shade them out.  Please get in touch if you would be happy to spend a couple of hours enjoying this beautiful cemetery and pulling a few weeds!!

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