Sad Chapels…..

We are all a little sad to see the chapels seemingly in one of the worst states since the formation of FBEC.  The Friends are continually trying to find a solution to halt this deterioration but we are very much in the hands of the owners, Birmingham City Council.  Until a sustainable future use for them is found that is acceptable to BCC, and to grant providers,  I am afraid we are going nowhere!








We can all see the huge amount of shrubbery both out of control around the chapels and also on the tower. This makes us so sad as, despite years of effort, we have still got nowhere!









The Friends will continue  their efforts in all other areas of the cemetery but our main aim remains to try and bring about a solution to halt the continued deterioration of these marvelous Victorian Terracotta Chapels.

Can we add that none of this reflects on the Ground Staff and administration for the cemetery who, like us, are equally sad and unable to resolve this issue but continue to maintain the rest of the cemetery as well as resources allow.

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