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‘Cut back’ for War Grave hedge.

We have well over 200 Commonwealth War Graves scattered around Brandwood End but for some reason there are a small group of them together just near our Civilian Garden of Remembrance, so some years ago we planted a hedge as a form of demarcation. During Lock down it had become rather wild and unkempt….maybe like some of us! Today some of us took it in hand!

This is what we found……



But with a snip here and there it now looks a little neater.


Cancelled Litter Pick

The Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery should have been holding their quarterly litter pick this Sunday coming but, under the present circumstances, we have decided to cancel it. It is probable that it would involve a group of more than 6 people, most of whom would fall into vulnerable categories! We hope to be able to ask for your support for our next litter pick on Saturday 5th September.

Members of the committee will be visiting the cemetery as and when possible and litter picking but fortunately, due to lockdown and reduced visitors, there is very little litter.

If you are visiting a grave can we ask you to remove any flower paper from flowers you may be leaving and take it with you. As the flowers dry in the sun they become light weight and the wind carries the paper around the cemetery.

If you are leaving artificial flowers please ensure they are well secured, as in high winds these blow around the area and then get cut by the ride on movers into confetti !

Finally, can we ask you not to leave any unattended lighted candles, even in jars, whilst everywhere is tinder dry.

The Friends thank you for helping them keep Brandwood End a welcoming and safe place for all.

Wildlife making themselves known !

Munjac Deer have been making themselves known in and around the area of the cemetery and the pool. They were heard more than seen a lot in the past, but sightings have been rare of late. The deer you can see in the picture below is a Roe deer and is considerably larger with a longer neck and a distinctive white rump- but several years ago one of these was spotted and photographed in the cemetery by Dean our Ranger. How it got there, we have no idea but it is unlikely we will see one again! (The female does not have the antlers that appear here)

The Muntjac is much smaller, similar size to a Labrador dog, and can be recognised in the cemetery at night by it’s distinctive single ‘bark’. In the last week there have been close encounters during daylight with one by Brandwood Pool and also in the cemetery. Wildlife is enjoying lockdown, with reduced footfall making them more inclined to be about in daylight hours in this relatively urban area. Lets hope someone can get a photo of one ……but they are very quick!


Movement for Good- fundraiser.

Please nominate FBEC to receive a £1,000 award by using the link below. 500 selected charities will each receive a £1,000 award.
Type in the charity number on the form: 1114333 to make a nomination
One charity nomination per person
The current awards phase ends Sunday 24th May.

Our thanks to Ged Hickman for starting the ball rolling on facebook with nominations for the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery. He even kindly has provided everyone with our Charity Number.

Please click on the link and nominate us. 


Funerals still happening at Brandwood End

Staff were on duty at the gate of the cemetery today as they prepared for the arrival of a funeral hearse. They still have had no instructions relating to public access or allowing limited access for loved ones to visit graves. Please remember that ground staff do not make the decisions and they must abide by instructions from their superiors.

One plus of an ’empty cemetery’ is that staff have been able to get lots of work done so we are looking forward to the day we will be able to enter….using safe distancing of course!  Keep safe.

AGM and Annual Accounts

In common with many organisations FBEC will not be able to hold its AGM in April. Members will receive their invitation to renew their membership and a report from the Chairman with the latest Newsletter in the next few weeks by e mail or post.

Our Annual Accounts will be published on this web site as soon as the current situation allows, but at present we are not able to get them independently audited.

Our existing committee have agreed to stand until the 2021 AGM.

In view of the current situation it would be helpful if members could renew their subscription by standing order, which they need to set up themselves at their bank, as cheques may not be banked for some period due to restrictions. Details are on the renewal form. Please quote your surname as the reference.