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Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve appeals to dog owners.

Can we remind everyone that the very local Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve is a haven for wildlife and welcomes dog walkers- but one of the volunteers, Pat, drew the lovely poster below. It is just a reminder that, as a dog owner, you have a responsibility to clear up behind your pooch.

Can we also remind everyone that you should be prepared to ‘leave no trace’ if you visit the Cemetery, Jasmin Fields or any other green open space. Please remove your rubbish. Take it home ! Bins are often overwhelmed so be prepared ! Can we also remind you to remove any flower wrapping paper if leaving flowers at a loved ones grave, as the paper helps the flowers blow from the grave in high winds.

The ‘eyes’ of the chapels are restored !

Anyone visiting the cemetery in the next few days will see some fantastic work being undertaken. After many years the boards on the windows are being removed and replaced with reinforced Perspex, thus exposing the fantastic terracotta trace work and allowing light into the interior space.

An unexpected effect is that the magnificent trees surrounding the building are reflected out again from the glass creating a magical vision.

Our thanks to Bereavement Services for facilitating this and the contractors for their care installing the Perspex-  as great thought has gone into the best way to fix this!



New fencing

We are so pleased to see the new fencing at the rear of the Lodge. The original fence was made of larch lap panels and was often the target of heavy winds and rot ! This fence is more durable and less intrusive. It should last for many years.  Maybe we could entreat them to replace the builders fence around the chapels with this?

Memorial/Headstone testing.

Safety tests have been undertaken on monuments in B8 and B10. Some headstones tested are deemed unsafe so Bereavements may be trying to contact grave owners. DO THEY HAVE YOUR CORRECT ADDRESS? Please try and visit to check your relatives grave if it is in those areas and make sure Bereavement Services at Kings Norton are aware if you have moved. These are quite old burial sections so some grave sites may have no living relatives. Graves that have been deemed in need of action have been ‘blue’ taped and attached to posts. Ultimately these headstones will be laid flat to avoid damage to them and unsuspecting passers- by unless grave owners rectify the situation.  If you think your details are out of date you can e mail your present address to : 

Remember to include the grave number off your deeds!

Resurfacing on main drive complete.

Some of the worst areas of the main drive have been resurfaced in the last week. There are undoubtedly  lots of hot spots still in need of repair but time and finance struggle to coordinate! Well done to Bereavement staff for getting this done at one of their busiest times, and whilst they didn’t actually lay the tarmac- they did have to organise access and areas. Not a simple job !!


Can you support the Friends?

In a strange way this year we have seen more interest in ‘Remembrance’ than ever before! Individuals and families have been walking in the cemetery more frequently during lockdown, and reading the information displayed on noticeboards.

The Friends work hard throughout the year to make sure that notice boards, and our social media are kept current, interesting and informative. We are so pleased that many visitors have expressed interest in supporting us in our work, either by becoming members of the Friends or supporting events. You can download a membership application from this site. Please consider joining our ranks.