Extra work, but worth it!

Ground staff had extra work on Monday as the huge amount of bramble, holly ,ivy and scrub, (removed from the graves by ‘202 Field’ volunteers), had been piled at the side of the maintenance yard gates ready tor its move to the skips. As usual Tony and his team pitched in and with the aid of the dumper truck it was all ‘skipped’.

The removal of undergrowth covering graves is a job that lies behind every other job in the cemetery for the staff,  and whilst they try to do this when they can- time is against them. When the Army come into the cemetery, once a year, they are able to attack areas that have been inaccessible to members of the public trying to trace graves by number. Many graves have now been exposed on the front area of  Section 10, some in reasonable condition as the undergrowth has ‘protected’ them from weather etc. We know we have several members with relatives in this area so hopefully some graves may be cleaned up or refurbished.

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