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‘Roadworks’ at last!

For many months now we have been awaiting the commencement of work on the pot holes along the cemetery drives.  Earlier this week our Chairwoman got really excited as, from her house, she could hear the sound of heavy plant engines so she rushed round only to find it that was a large drain cleaning machine! Disappointment…. but then the helpful driver informed me that he would be followed within a couple of days by the whole kit and caboodle. Today it all arrived and work has begun.

IMG_7348 (800x600) IMG_7349 (800x600) IMG_7351 (800x600)Take care when using any of the drives as preparation work involves removing the road surface in some areas.

FBEC and the staff at Bereavement Services have received many complaints about the appalling condition of the drives and, whilst the work carried out will be limited, this must be a step in the right direction.