Tag: Theft


We have received information today that a number of items were stolen from an unlocked car in Brandwood End on New Years Day.  The car was very close to its owners as they visited a grave but a thief managed to steal a handbag and items without being seen at all.  Please do not leave your car unlocked at any time, even if you think you will be ‘just a minute’ or’ close by’. There was a spate of similar thefts some years ago but nothing of late, but opportunist thieves are always about.

Just remember that the cemetery is a large 53 acre site and you do need to be aware of where you are and who is around you, the same as you would in a local park or open space. Please don’t leave valuables on display in your vehicle as it will take an opportunist just seconds to remove them. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR.

Can we stress that the cemetery is a lovely safe space and thefts from vehicles are very rare – far rarer than on any suburban street or supermarket car park, but if we all take care…..they will become even rarer.

If anyone has any information about the theft that happened on New Years Day, around lunch time, please contact the local Brandwood Policing Team at Bournville Police Station. The handbag was later disposed of. Did you see anyone doing that and thought it looked a bit odd?

Take care. Stay safe.