Supporting Kings Norton Cemetery

As those of you who have relatives in Brandwood End know, we have very close links with the much newer cemetery at Kings Norton as this is where all the Bereavement Service Staff and Ground Staff who service both cemeteries are based. They have an event coming up for anyone who may have an interest in Kings Norton Cemetery.

primrose meadow

Primrose Meadow- Natural Burial Site- September 9th 11am-13:00– Consultation Event.

Here at our award winning cemetery in Kings Norton we offer the facility of a natural burial site – Primrose Meadow.   Established in 2012 the meadow is still in its infancy stage and as it develops we would like to the views of all stakeholders as to developments in the future.  For those interested in natural burials we have staff on hand to guide you through the protocols of a natural burial.   A range of environmental projects are attending for those simply interested  in wildlife and wildflowers.

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