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Cancelled Litter Pick

The Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery should have been holding their quarterly litter pick this Sunday coming but, under the present circumstances, we have decided to cancel it. It is probable that it would involve a group of more than 6 people, most of whom would fall into vulnerable categories! We hope to be able to ask for your support for our next litter pick on Saturday 5th September.

Members of the committee will be visiting the cemetery as and when possible and litter picking but fortunately, due to lockdown and reduced visitors, there is very little litter.

If you are visiting a grave can we ask you to remove any flower paper from flowers you may be leaving and take it with you. As the flowers dry in the sun they become light weight and the wind carries the paper around the cemetery.

If you are leaving artificial flowers please ensure they are well secured, as in high winds these blow around the area and then get cut by the ride on movers into confetti !

Finally, can we ask you not to leave any unattended lighted candles, even in jars, whilst everywhere is tinder dry.

The Friends thank you for helping them keep Brandwood End a welcoming and safe place for all.

Funerals still happening at Brandwood End

Staff were on duty at the gate of the cemetery today as they prepared for the arrival of a funeral hearse. They still have had no instructions relating to public access or allowing limited access for loved ones to visit graves. Please remember that ground staff do not make the decisions and they must abide by instructions from their superiors.

One plus of an ’empty cemetery’ is that staff have been able to get lots of work done so we are looking forward to the day we will be able to enter….using safe distancing of course!  Keep safe.

Unannounced Cemetery Closure

‘Access to all cemeteries and crematoria in Birmingham will be closed to the public. This is due to an increased number of people that have been congregating at cemeteries in groups and the need to observe social distancing.’

The above statement was published on the City Council web site today. Our apologies for not advising our supporters sooner but we were not informed of this decision. We were therefore unable to post a warning and I am afraid the first we knew was when a number of posts appeared on Facebook.

This is such a shame as this is normally such a quiet place for contemplation and reflection. We would have thought this was an ideal place for people to exercise, as it is a 53 acre site and very easy to find a solitary area.

There are more details about funerals, burials and cremations on the BCC web site.


Grass cutting season starts in Brandwood End

Great to see the main drive has been cut and most areas now on schedule. The Cemetery is looking good !







Our thanks again to the BCC grass cutting crews and also to Tony and his ground staff for trying their best, under financial constraints and the unusual conditions at this time, to keep Brandwood looking as if someone cares!


What a wet, wet, wet Tree Planting.

Year 6 pupils from St Albans R C Primary took part in a fantastic tree plant in the Cemetery today and despite the rain….a good time was enjoyed by all. Our thanks to Birmingham Trees for Life for organising this planting event, to replace some of the aged ‘Poplars’ felled recently.

Birmingham Trees for Life had lots of assistance today as they were joined by the Lord-Lieutenant of the West Midlands- John Crabtree and his wife, who came well prepared to plant alongside the pupils.

Our local Councillor, Mike Leddy, popped along and  a gaggle of Tree Officers also made an appearance!!

Our thanks to everyone at BTFL for continuing with this tree replacement project and the Tree Officers, local Ranger Dean and BCC Woodland Team for making this all possible. Following the event everyone enjoyed a ‘warm up’ in the Lodge with drinks and biscuits.

As they made their way back to school, Ranger Dean led a short Tree Walk for pupils with lots of interesting information. Despite the miserable weather we all had a lovely morning and the cemetery now has 10 more interesting standard trees along its boundary.

Our thanks to Bereavement Services staff and the ‘Friends’ who also supported this event.