Heritage Open Events 2018

Hi all, as you hopefully all know- the Friends will be working with Bereavement Services to host a morning Heritage Event in the Cemetery on September 8th commencing at 10am. The link below takes you to the official site where you can check out everything in your area and plan your week visiting Open Events. We are listed !!



  1. wendy prosser says:

    How absolutely disgusting that your holding events and wallking tours at this cemetery
    my brother and father are buried in brandwood end im shocked stunned and disgusted that this is going ahead
    i certainly hope you will not be going near to where my father and brother are laid to rest …..

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Dear Wendy,
      We are so sorry that you feel like this and if you give us the relevant grave numbers we will make sure we do not pass too close. You are the very first relative that has ever expressed this view to us and in fact we will have the support of a number of people that have family buried in Brandwood End at this biannual event. This is all part of the work we do to make sure that the 320+ members of the Armed Forces and civilians, recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Brandwood End, are never forgotten. Every November we mark every grave with a Poppy Cross and work to raise awareness of the sacrifice made by these ordinary individuals on our behalf. The Friends have worked hard over the last 13 years to make sure that Brandwood End is well kept and continually liaise with Bereavement Services and our many members about the vast number of projects we have undertaken

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