Polish War Graves remembered

Just prior to Remembrance Sunday, the Friends placed Polish flags on 2 adjacent War Graves in Brandwood End. We were especially pleased to tell members that the flags had come all the way from Poland , brought back for us by a Polish National.

You can imagine how heartened we were when we visited those graves earlier this week and found that both now had ribbons encircling them.

We would love to get in touch with the Polish community and those involved in this act of Remembrance. If anyone knows who we can contact, please can you e mail us on friendsofbec@gmail.com


  1. Michael Jan Czajkowski says:

    This has also been done on my father’s grave in Lincolnshire. A lovely nonour. I would like to know who did it so I can thank them.

    • Jane Edwards says:

      We cannot comment on Lincolnshire but in Brandwood End the Friends organise the placing of Poppy crosses on all our 354 War Graves and the placing of 2 Polish Flags . If available we ask the local Military attending to place the crosses on these 2 graves and we place the flags in a joint tribute.
      I hope this helps.

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