Appeal for patience and consideration towards staff!

As Secretary of the Friends can I just make an appeal to all our followers. Bereavement Service Office and Ground staff are under extraordinary pressure at this time, as are Funeral Directors. They have to deal with loved ones who are having to comply with unusual regulations in hospital, and then at burial. This is not pleasant for them so please, don’t be abusive or rude. We know that everyone is under strain, but they can only do what they can, and have to abide by/implement any restrictions that remain in force. We all appreciate the NHS but they are not the only people struggling to cope at this time. If you can applaud bin men, then surely you can understand how difficult it must be to have to impose unwanted restrictions/deal with mourners….and not least, dig increasing numbers of graves. Please, think on and support this normally helpful crew!

Can we ask again that you do not ring Kings Norton Office, but if your call is urgent please e mail them on this e mail.

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