Celebrating 15 years of the Friends.

Its 15 years since the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery (FBEC) were formed, on the 21st July. Over those 15 years we have remained remarkably busy but many of our projects have remained unseen, so we thought we would create the a poster showing some of the more evident things we have managed to achieve. If you have an interest you can follow this link.15th Year poster

Our main aim was, and will always be, to see the chapels returned to use, in some form that will provide a sustainable future for them as we would all hate to lose these beautiful buildings. It may appear that very little has happened on this front but believe us when we say it has been, and remains, a total roller coaster ride.

We have seen possibilities being raised….and then dashed many times, but we will continue to fight. At present the councils stance is to try and ‘prevent further deterioration’. Unfortunately just to stand still costs thousands of pounds a year in repetitive maintenance. Last year we achieved major goals with the installation of a new temporary roof on the building, the cleaning out of both chapel interiors and proper interpretation.

You will see from our linked poster that we are busy in many areas and we continue to look for support with projects and also for new members on our committee.

We hope you find the Cemetery a peaceful place and we will continue to try and work with Bereavement Services and BCC to maintain a welcoming and interesting environment- historically and environmentally.

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