Attempted break in to Chapel buildings.

The Friends noticed that one of the doors of the chapels had been damaged, so contacted Bereavement staff who dashed out to check!

Sure enough, someone had tried to gain access but failed. They had also attempted to steal the lightening conductor off the steeple!!

What next? How glad are we that no lead has been used in the new temporary roof fixings or we could have found ourselves in the same catch 22 situation as our friends at Kings Norton Old School- who’s roof lead has been repeatedly plundered.

Steps have been taken to prevent this happening again but, as members of the public, please question anyone you see doing anything you feel is ‘not right’ around the cemetery or notify staff or The Friends.(Or the Police!) This happened when the cemetery was open and visitors were about. High Viz a clip board and a truck doesn’t mean they are legal!!

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