Little known facts about the Battle of Britain…..

As we place our 300+Poppy Crosses in time for Remembrance each November, we get to read the names, ages and often family details of those who’s graves we visit. We are often astounded by the facts we read. We have listed below just a few facts that may also surprise you.

20 MINUTES-Time taken for Luftwaffe aircraft to reach UK target once detected

16 MINUTES-Time taken to scramble RAF fighters to successfully intercept a raid

4 MINUTES-Time the RAF had to decide how to respond to a Luftwaffe raid. At the height of the Battle of Britain the RAF had only 749 fighter aircraft available as against 2550 Luftwaffe aircraft.

20 YEARS-Average age of an RAF Pilot in 1940

2 WEEKS-Training time for an RAF fighter pilot in August 1940

Consisting of 2,945 aircrew, the RAF was joined by volunteers from13 different nations, some of whom had battle experience against the Luftwaffe in their own air forces. This international force became known as ‘The Few’.

544 Members of ‘The Few’ killed during the Battle of Britain

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