Civilian Garden Hedge Tamed.

Once again we are indebted to the BCC Grounds Maintenance team who have undertaken a major reduction in the height and bulk of our hedge surrounding the Civilian Garden of Remembrance. Not only do we not have the equipment or man power to carry out this task, we don’t have the ability to remove the resulting shrubbery. It was important that this cut back was completed well before birds started nesting, so thank you again Paul’s team !

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  1. Mrs. Julia Griffin says:

    WOW Guys – this is MARVELOUS – we are immensely grateful. This WW2 Memorial Garden created by the (then) Parks Department in 1952 and restored by FBEC in 2007 marks the resting place of 66 civilian air raid victims. It is a special, peaceful part of Brandwood’s Cemetery. Another example of how FBEC and BCC working together make a difference. What a great start to the New Year.

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