Category: Wildlife

Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve appeals to dog owners.

Can we remind everyone that the very local Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve is a haven for wildlife and welcomes dog walkers- but one of the volunteers, Pat, drew the lovely poster below. It is just a reminder that, as a dog owner, you have a responsibility to clear up behind your pooch.

Can we also remind everyone that you should be prepared to ‘leave no trace’ if you visit the Cemetery, Jasmin Fields or any other green open space. Please remove your rubbish. Take it home ! Bins are often overwhelmed so be prepared ! Can we also remind you to remove any flower wrapping paper if leaving flowers at a loved ones grave, as the paper helps the flowers blow from the grave in high winds.

New fencing completed.

Pleased to see that the new fencing to the rear of the lodge is completed and looking good. The idea was to avoid reinstalling larch lap panels, that the wind soon damages,  and deter people from walking through the lodge garden to the rear burial section- but maintain an open aspect.

I think you will all agree that these new fences fulfil all of those requirements….but it appears someone or something is continuing their usual route ! Gathering by the snow prints I think its local foxes and pussy cats, but they have been very busy!

Can anyone assist in bird call recognition?

We were walking in the cemetery today. It was very quiet and then an unbelievable whooping sound. Came back and researched it, as it was very distinct and unusual. It sounded owl like and the completely matching sound was…….Eurasian Scops Owl !! Surely this can’t be true. Anyone on here with more knowledge who can suggest another solution? I noticed a few other people stopped dead by the sound. Very distinctive.

I understand that these Owls do occasionally end up in the UK and have been spotted as far north as Northumberland, but usually  by accident or as a result of stormy weather.   They prefer warmer areas.

Can anyone suggest a more logical solution? The call was a loud, fairly deep whooping and did match this Owl call.