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Please see the information below with regards to the Birmingham Bereavement and Wellbeing Service. It is a long article but may be of interest to those who gave recently been bereaved. 

The Birmingham Bereavement & Wellbeing service is a FREE Service for Birmingham Citizens who have been Bereaved recently or experienced a bereavement in the past who are struggling with their loss. Please see below for further information about the service:

Birmingham Bereavement & Wellbeing service:

The Birmingham Bereavement & wellbeing service is to support citizens of Birmingham with being able to cope with the loss of their loved one and their Grief.

Who is the service for:

  • Citizens aged 18+ only
  • Birmingham Citizens Only
  • Citizens who have Recently became bereaved or have experienced a bereavement of a loved one (Child, friend, Neighbour, family member)

Type of support offered:

  • We have specialist Bereavement & Wellbeing officers who will speak with you to identify your support needs and offer a listening ear.
  • Confidential One-to-one support
  • Offer information, Advice & Guidance
  • Wellbeing support
  • Offer range of bespoke services to support the bereaved citizens for a 12 Week period.
  • Provide practical support Via the Telephone, Zoom, WhatsApp or Video calls.
  • Supporting to reduce the likelihood of the Citizen becoming socially isolated following the loss of their loved one.
  • Referrals and Signposting to other specialised services within Birmingham

The living Memory Project:

  • Living Memory is inviting participants who either care for or have cared for someone who is near their end of life or has passed away. Participants will have the opportunity to record either their own life story or that of their loved one alongside a set of their selected photographs, videos & Audio recordings. Each story will be published as a small professionally printed booklet that will be theirs to keep.

How Can a Citizens access the service:

We currently have No waiting list and can support individuals within their native languages if requested. I have also attached the leaflets and referrals for you to look at and share among clients, colleagues or someone you may know who will benefit from our service & support. if you would like to meet to Gain further information or potentially create a referral pathway to give Birmingham Citizens the best available support please let me know as we would like to meet with you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Kind Regards

Luke McCubbin

Project Coordinator

Tel: 0777 4077 588 / 0121 8095 902

Email: BBWS@communitiesinsync.info

  Supporting Citizens through loss and Bereavement

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