Update on our Chairman.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had many messages via social media, e mail and at events all asking the same question. Where is your Chairman Julia?

Its been a busy couple of months for Julia, which started badly with a pretty severe stroke that has knocked her off her feet. All very unexpected.  A couple of months on and many things have changed for her so  unfortunately you will be unlikely to see her pottering around in the cemetery, which was her usual habitat but she is very hopeful that she will soon ‘pop up’ on social media again. Lots of changes for her and lots of adaptations but those of you that know Julia will also know that she is pushing onwards whenever she can.

Julia thanks everyone that has sent their good wishes (She has kept every card, and there were a lot!) and rest assured that she is still keeping up to speed with FBEC and the cemetery. Hopefully so, as we miss her amazing researching ability and networking. (That networking didn’t stop whilst she was in hospital !)

We all wish her the very best recovery possible.

Julia on the Right.

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