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Litter Pick

A busy weekend for FBEC. Gardening on Saturday 1st and then our quarterly  Litter Pick on Sunday 2nd June. This is a quarterly event and usually well attended. Remember to bring stout footwear and gloves and anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

We have had a few windy days lately so no doubt there will be lots of flower paper blown around the cemetery so please come along and help us keep it tidy for visitors.

Meet opposite the Lodge, just inside the main gate, at 10am. we finish at 11.30 am.


2nd September Litter Pick

It is getting close to our quarterly litter pick, which will fall on Saturday 2nd September. We provide the  litter pickers and bags but we do need your manpower! Meet at the Lodge at 10am and we will be finished by 11.30pm. Why not join us and stroll around this beautiful 53 acre site, enjoying the trees and wildlife as well as the huge variety of memorial designs. We hope to see you there.


Cleaner and Greener !

The Cleaner Greener campaign week is a little while off, but in Brandwood End we started today at our scheduled quarterly litter pick. It was great to see so many familiar faces but we did welcome a few new ones today who swelled our numbers to 20 including 4 little people !  There were 23 bags collected, and yet again a lot of the litter was flower paper. This March Litter pick is always our last chance to seek out wind blown litter under shrubbery and tangled in brambles. Once everything starts to grow it is all lost till next winter. Thank you to everyone that came along. The Friends really appreciate your support.

Happy smiling faces! That’s what the outdoors does for your mental health.

Great turn out for final litter pick of 2022

We were heartened to be joined by 13 supporters of FBEC in our final litter pick of 2022, especially when it would have been inviting to have stayed in the warm and dry! December days seem to be bright and sunny or dull and dank- today was the latter.

The total collection of 18 bags, again mainly windblown flower paper, took some finding under hedges and behind gravestones. It was noticeable today that there were many artificial flowers blown around the cemetery or redeployed and nibbled/pecked by squirrels and crows. Please do check your family graves, as we try to pop the newer flowers back on graves but have no idea where they have blown from so it could be that we have placed them on other graves nearby. Apologies, but they really do need to be secured against wind, Squirrel and Muntjac attack !

Thanks again to our volunteers.

Last Litter Pick of 2022

        LAST LITTER PICK OF 2022


        10AM TILL 11.30PM

We have the litter pickers, we have the bags, all we need is the manpower. This is our last chance to get all the windblown litter that the spring shrub growth will cover.

Meet at the Lodge.(Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult) 

Stout shoes and gloves recommended.

Early ‘Great Spring Clean’.

Thank you to the 19 volunteers who helped remove 27 bags of ‘rubbish’  from the cemetery. Sadly lots of the rubbish consisted of windblown artificial flowers that had been swept far from their original graves by wind and squirrels. Our message is MAKE SURE ANY FLOWERS OR OFFERINGS ARE WELL SECURED. If you, or someone you know, have a grave in the cemetery we would advise that you check that all is OK. We have no idea which graves wind blown flowers come from so they find a home on the nearest grave or in the bin if they are in a poor state.